Canning Filled Month

In my book, The Survival Garden, I share how you can grow vegetables that don’t need to be canned, frozen, or dehydrated. If you’d like to learn more about this book, take a free look inside on Amazon. In my book The Four Season Vegetable Garden, I share the techniques of how to enable usContinue reading “Canning Filled Month”

Finding Food In Places Other Than The Grocery Store (Not charity)

Last week, we discussed how to save food money through gardening. Here’s a link to that blog post. This week I’m sharing some other ways to save on food this year. Foraging All over the countryside, there are different ways that you can forage for various wild foods. Many backyard weeds like lambsquarters, dandelion, mustardContinue reading “Finding Food In Places Other Than The Grocery Store (Not charity)”

When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate with My Gardening Plans

Tuesday morning started out beautifully. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperatures were already in the fifties here on Act III Farm. I knew that we were going to get a frost that night, but I didn’t expect to see snow on the ground when I got home from work that night.Continue reading “When the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate with My Gardening Plans”

Three Sisters and Their Cousins-The Best Known Companion Planting

This is the week I am starting my three sisters’ garden or in this case, we are going to make it a four sisters’ garden. The Three sisters include corn, beans, and squash. To make the fourth, I am adding sunflowers. Planting the Corn Saturday, I planted the corn. One way to do it isContinue reading “Three Sisters and Their Cousins-The Best Known Companion Planting”

Becoming a Perpetual Homesteader

Back in January 2019, I started looking at what if an EMP occurred and we were without power for a lot time. This exercise led me to start a patio container garden at our townhouse in Springfield, Missouri. I grew tomatoes, potatoes, strawberry plants, onions, lettuce, and a few Lima beans. My husband said thatContinue reading “Becoming a Perpetual Homesteader”