Seven Ways We are Saving Money and Time in the Garden

My husband and I are streamlining our gardening process with garden beds and saving money where we can.

Are You Growing A Survival Garden?

It’s easy to place blame on someone or something else in regard to the lack of food security in our world. We could blame the government. We can the disease that had us locked up for two years. We can blame the war in Europe. We can blame our president or our economic system. WeContinue reading “Are You Growing A Survival Garden?”

A More Complete Sweet Potato Harvest

Here’s how many people start their own sweet potato slips. They wait until January or February and use this method. It’s how I started and it works, but I’m sharing a better way!

Ten Things You Can Do this Fall to Begin Preparing a Survival Garden

Previously, I suggested the first two things that you can do to begin preparing a survival garden. In this post, I will show you eight other ways that you can begin your survival garden this fall.