Finding Food In Places Other Than The Grocery Store (Not charity)

Last week, we discussed how to save food money through gardening. Here’s a link to that blog post. This week I’m sharing some other ways to save on food this year. Foraging All over the countryside, there are different ways that you can forage for various wild foods. Many backyard weeds like lambsquarters, dandelion, mustardContinue reading “Finding Food In Places Other Than The Grocery Store (Not charity)”

Spring: The Season of Constant Changes

Spring is planting season, but it is also the rainy season here in the Missouri Ozarks and the temperatures are more variable than in any other area of the country. It can be dry and hot early in the day and cold and rainy by the end of that same day. It can be rainingContinue reading “Spring: The Season of Constant Changes”

Healthy Tomato Plants from Seed

Tomatoes are the mainstay of almost every backyard vegetable garden and our garden is no exception. Our plans this year include eating all we can while they are fresh, canning them in various forms as well as selling some at farmers’ market. We have planted several varieties of tomatoes that we plan to put in our garden this year.

What Do I Grow in the Vegetable Garden This Year?

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to purchase seeds for starting the annual vegetable garden. But what should you be growing?  With the uncertainties of the food supply chain, it is imperative that you know how to discover what to grow in your vegetable garden.

Gardening Through the Seasons

Imagine every night going to the garden and picking vegetables for your supper. Imagine not having to worry about whether there’s an adequate supply of fresh produce at your local grocery store or whether it has been put on a recall list. Wouldn’t it also be nice to know that you have the added satisfaction of knowing exactly how your vegetables were grown and that it’s fresh?

Ten Things You Can Do this Fall to Begin Preparing a Survival Garden

Previously, I suggested the first two things that you can do to begin preparing a survival garden. In this post, I will show you eight other ways that you can begin your survival garden this fall.  

Becoming a Perpetual Homesteader

Back in January 2019, I started looking at what if an EMP occurred and we were without power for a lot time. This exercise led me to start a patio container garden at our townhouse in Springfield, Missouri. I grew tomatoes, potatoes, strawberry plants, onions, lettuce, and a few Lima beans. My husband said thatContinue reading “Becoming a Perpetual Homesteader”